Our Brewery

From the start we wanted to concentrate on making the more unusual, hard to find beers and not be afraid of experimenting with new raw materials and other ingredients, which could add new dimensions to our favoured Belgian and American style bottle conditioned strong ales. Our overall plan was, and still is, about the development of exciting new beers which will offer a broad mix of styles to satisfy the taste buds of the specialist beer drinker.

We continue to search for new ingredients to brew our hand crafted beers; hops, malts, spices and even the more exotic ingredients will be tried if we think it will add a new dimension to a beer.

Using this approach we have developed a large range of unusual beers for you to try, these include; fruit beers, wood aged beers, seasonal beers, as well as a number of extreme beers (not just high in alcohol content, but with ingredients to make the beer that little bit radical). We have also recreated some traditional styles that are hard to find, such as barley wines, old ales, etc., but have given them a new twist by brewing them with the latest modern strains of malts and hops.

We have a real passion for brewing unusual beers and hope you will be tempted into trying a few of our creations, and that you will enjoy drinking our beers just as much as we enjoyed making them.