Our Beers

Most Madcap beers will be produced on limited edition release and will
normally be presented in 75cl size champagne bottles with wired down corks.
All of our hand crafted beers can be kept for considerable periods, with
the beer changing and improving with age providing they are stored in
suitable cool, dark conditions.

Why limited edition release, partly because our beer production capacity is
limited and partly because we want to bring you as much variety as
possible. It’s all based upon a lifestyle decision to keep our brewery
small and to focus on producing quality hand crafted beers that take time
to mature and attain the characteristics we value.

In order to help us concentrate fully on the production of our hand crafted
speciality beers, we made a decision during 2012 to discontinue production
of our lower strength cask ales and withdraw from the pub trade, although
we are able to make some speciality beers available in cask format for
special occasions or beer festivals, this is subject to advance notice and

We are constantly trying out new recipes, using different or unusual
ingredients, changing quantities or yeast types in efforts to develop more
interesting beers. Our intention is to ensure that all our beers are
available at least once within a two year cycle; we eventually intend to
publish a schedule showing which month each beer will be available and
depending upon interest shown may consider introducing a process to enable
customers to make advance reservations of their favourite beers and purchase direct from us by mail order.

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