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Brewed using multiple varieties of new world hops added continuously to the kettle throughout the boil to give the beer its rich hoppy aroma and taste. This pale ale is then aged for a few months before bottling. – 7.5% abv – Bottle Conditioned


Brewed using an blend of quality teas and hops to imaprt an unusual and intriguing flavour to the beer. A lengthy period of cask conditioning over American oak results in a crisp, dry, tasty beer. – 7.5% abv – Bottle Conditioned


Brewed in the style of an old ale and matured over rum aged American oak. Spending a minimum of three months in the cask prior to bottling to give it an interesting blend of warm tasting Caribbean flavours. – 7.5% abv – Bottle Conditioned


This dark and spicy beer will warm the cockles of your heart on cold winter evenings. Made using generous amounts of figs to add an intriguing richness, followed by a lengthy conditioning period in the cask. – 7.5% abv – Bottle Conditioned

Coconut Stout

This is our interpretation of a strong Caribbean style milk stout, the coconut imparts a rich creaminess, with the dryness of the stout being counter balanced by the sweet lactose sugars. This beer is cask matured for three months. – 7% abv – Bottle Conditioned


Is our almond infused dry stout-which in addition to being brewed with almonds, is also matured for three months in the cask over American ak and crushed almonds, which intensifies the flavour and dryness of the beer. – 7% abv – Bottle Conditioned

Liquorice Madness

Brewed in the style of an Imperial stout with the addition of 100% pure liquorice to enhance its rich complexity and viscous nature, this beer is further matured for up to six months prior to bottling. – 10% abv – Bottle Conditioned