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Madcap is a family owned micro brewery which started brewing in November 2009, and operates from a small purpose built building at the rear of the family home in the town of Annan, Dumfriesshire, in south west Scotland. All our beers are brewed using the full mash process from a one barrel stainless steel plant that utilises a larger than normal mash tun, this enables us to produce a large range of speciality strong ales.

One of the reasons we started Madcap was to enable us to sell the beers that we enjoyed making and drinking ourselves. We could have stayed as a hobby brewery but that would have prevented us from sharing the interesting beers we have developed. We are proud of being a micro brewery and of the hand crafted beers we produce, for these reasons we don’t want to grow into a large faceless business. Of course all businesses need commercial drive otherwise they cannot continue to survive, ours is providing our customers with an unrivalled variety of hand crafted specialist beers.